News: Redstone Tournaments. 8 Experienced redstoners needed.

Redstone Tournaments.  8 Experienced redstoners needed.

We need 8 of the best redstoners to come out for this. This is a redemption style tournament. What that means is that if you lose to your first opponent you go to the losers bracket and fight the losers for a chance to battle the top redstoner.  

Those who sign up will have 15 mins to build and 5 to theorize.  Sproga2 will be taking certain redstone related blocks away for every round.   Those who sign up and do not show up at 1:00 pm EST will be terminated.  

Sproga2 and I (Silverbug12) will be judges and managers. 

Sign up like so,



How long have you been redstoning:

are you confident?:

What kind of thing is your redstone strength?:


Bracket will be posted when all users are signed up. You will never be matched against someone with a higher or lower skill.

Warp and space thanks to Pmaguire.

Grand winners get Mob disguise of choice and RS_Overseer.  (This might be edited according to admin ideas)

~Silver & Sproga2~

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The warp is /warp rstournament
and I didn't know if you wanted walls for each player, so I didn't add any. So it is just an open field for them.
We can always add some if you want, later.

Sorry, I forgot to put the day. Anyway, turns out we might need to reschedule.

I think it is Sunday, but I will have to ask them when they want it.

Ill enter. My main strength is thinking of something and making it. Also, will we be provided what we need to build because i suck at thinking of something :P

Cool! We are going to tell you the limits, theme and give you materials so ya. :)

so, i modified the arena a bit, hope it doesnt throw anyone off

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