Minecraft Adventures: Questworld Shipwrecked #1

Questworld Shipwrecked #1

This is the beginning to one of my favorite Minecraft series, Shipwrecked. Three guys (Brent, Eric & Wes) film themselves as they go through an Adventure Map called Shipwrecked.  Brent, Eric and Wes really get into character and make this series a must-see! It's hilarious and so much fun to just watch them as they go through the quest lines.

I've played the map myself with two of my friends, and it's incredibly fun. I personally recommend checking it out if you have some free time on your hands!

If you're interested in trying out the map for yourself, you can download it here. This map can be played in Single Player, or you can upload it to a small server and play with a few of your friends!

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