News: I Found a New Server..

I Found a New Server..

So, at first, I miss everyone :( and i missed playing minecraft a bit... sooo i found inspiration and i went on for the search for a server as amazing as wonderhowto... OFCOURSE i did not found one wich was better, or wich could even get close to what he had... But i found one, wich allows you to build, rank and have fun... You get a world ( well, 320x320) and how much you rank, how bigger your "world" gets.. you get 100.000 blocks of WE from the very start and you get voxelsniper... wich is totally amazing... every plots have diferrent settings and the community seems actually really nice... the server's not coming back guys :'( so we could move and play on this one maybe? plots can be shared and private chat can be enabled..


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Awesome! I don't have minecraft installed on what I'm currently using so I wont be on for a while but if you see me my username is IHazCawfee. Can't wait to see everyone again!!

Say hi if you see me. IGN: FitForThrone
Lets get the old WHT community on here!

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