News: Cool Finds On WHT.

Cool Finds On WHT.

I was just flyin' along to find a good spot for my fence house when I saw some of the funniest creations ever. I am going to share them with you. If you made any of these please comment I would love to know who built these.

First we have the AOUO (Animals Of Unknown Origin)

(1) Close up sheep, (2) A flock/Herd of flying sheep!, (3) Back view of flying sheep

Yaa! Now we have some more creatures next to them. I think they are.... ! Ballete dancing magical redstone enderkids holding Yo-yos.

Ballete dancing magical redstone enderkids holding Yo-yos.

:D Next.... The parthanon/stadium

Parthenon thinghy with a hole!

:D Now the thing next to it,

Great sand slide!

And to finish off this is the hotel on a cliff next to it, I bet every room has a good view!

Well, thats all folks! Ssseeeee ya next time!



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Hahaha!!!! The ballerinas are SO awesome! The other builds are great finds as well - I wonder who made them!

Amazing post Silver, I've never even seen these builds!

lol this is awesome silver great finds!

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