Changing Spawn Points: The Minecraft Death Elevator

The Minecraft Death Elevator

First of all, this was not invented by me. I state this clearly and the link for the original discussion is located below. I made this video, as the original author did not do so, in an attempt to raise awareness as to the awesome concept that it is.

This holds so many awesome ideas with it for use in adventure maps and so forth and I may make a game with it in the future.

The original post comes from Regular Hexahedron over at Minecraft Forum.

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i remember seeing this idea in a recent youtube series by captain sparklez
it was a great idea!
I sorta knew about it already from keirshar explaining how to build spawn towers... and figured it out from there.

But! the execution of that map a great! it brings all of the adventure map style of play together and mixes it up very well.
I would suggest you play it, and
thank you to the author who spread the knowledge of this amazing effect

Sorry, I did not mean to send the "e". I was lagging and accidentally sent it.

Anyway, I found out this concept a long time ago with my friend, in like 1.7.3. We were trying to change the spawnpoint of our world and found that it would just spawn you up a level. We never got it any further than that.

I was thinking about other uses for this, and thought of a couple; well, more of implications of it. One was for a puzzle map with a course that can't be reset - a one time use. If you failed, then your spawn location would be changed and you would go up a level, to where an exact copy of it was and you could try again. The other was having a map where you are trying to get to a certain location (somewhat like Portal games), and when you get to the end there is a lava pit or some way to kill yourself, and that takes you to the next level. Maybe a pressure plate that crushes you, but also sends a pulse to the "death elevator" to make you spawn at the next level.

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