News: 1.2 will be released tomorrow!

1.2 will be released tomorrow!

1.2 will be released tomorrow!

So, as you guys may or may not have read... 1.2 will be officially released tomorrow (March 1st). (YAY!)

What this means is... we will not be updating the server until there is a stable Bukkit release for 1.2. We cannot update the server because our plugins will not work, which is a huge invitation to griefers.

So, hang in there, install 1.2 for single player, and I'll be updating WonderHowTo's server to 1.2 as soon as I can!


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Keep in mind to not update to 1.2 without copying your 1.1 .jar and placing it somewhere safe. Otherwise you won't be able to revert back once the 1.2 update is released!

Yeah soon we can build even higher!

Oh god lol its gonna be epic

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