How To: Join Our Server.

Join Our Server.

First you need to sign in or make a account with facebook or with your mail.

The comment on the post. Write like this:
Name:(In real life name or nickname)
IGN:(You in game name)
Age:(You age) Dont lie!
How do you find us:(Have to be around 15 words or more!)
Tell us why you want to join our server: (Same here 15 words or more!)

When you have done this a Admin will look and will see if you can join!
Write it under "Share Your Thoughts" down in this post!
Have a good day Minecrafters!

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Do it like this:
Must be good, not only "i wanna join the server"

luigi spencer
i was searching on how to detail a minecraft house and i found one of your informative tutorials

i would really like to improve my minecraft skills in decorating. im good with redstone but i want to be able to pull it off

As soon as we see you have bine on our server and read the rules, you can start building.

(I paid a quick visit during a sphere-break) - nice!

If you wanna play more you are always welcome :D

Do you have a warp to (a) mesa? I wasn't able to locate it during a long fly-over (but that's to be expected).

I can make a warp for you :)

/warp mesa

(Not that big)

Name: Conor
IGN: firecart
Age: 13
How do you find us: I was looking for some tips on how to make a good pixel art for making pictures in minecraft

Tell us why you want to join our server: I want to be part of the community with a server instead of just doing my redstone in a single player world.


How do you find us:I was looking for some cool trap to build and to trick my friends and i found this awsome and helpful website

Tell us why you want to join our server:Because i want to improve my skills to other people not just me and my friend

Just so everyone know, we do NOT have a server atm. So right now you don't need to write on this post

Benjamin Lliguicota
I found Minecraft world's Weekly Workshop on Building a suffocation a trap

and I came across this line of text: Welcome to Minecraft World! Check out our advanced tutorials and come play on our free server.

I want to improve my building skills because my biggest building was a standard
Minecraft house.

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