News: Winners!/New Contest!

Winners!/New Contest!

Hello good Minecrafters, here are the 3 winners! What a shame only 2 builds were finished :(

First place goes to MinecraftNathan5 ! Congratulations! I really like the detail work on the grass and even the boards!! Really good job!

Second place goes to Shnipeyy! I like the medieval twist, i would like to see it finished!

Third place goes to Shmileyface!! With his nice football table design!

New contest!

Build me a ruin of what once was a great mighty castle! Good luck
2 weeks
/warp Ruin

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OMG I Won My First Comp Back!!!
I Thought I Would Lose!

By The Way, Not To Sound Rude, But Do U Still Rank Up For Winning?

Can I do a build working with someone else and still win a prize?

Is it embarrassing that I got beat by an unfinished build?


We all learn haha. Maybe next time we can have a community vote or something. Get more opinions. And possibly have rules about actually finishing a build haha to be entered into a competition.

It's not embarrassing :) His building has like already little details that i really liked, yours is kinda plain, it's a very good idea though, i really like it! But good luck on the next competition, and maybe you'll get the first price, go for it!

are you judging today

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