News: Are You a Pro Minecrafter? Turn Your Gaming Skills into a Job at Minecraft World!

Are You a Pro Minecrafter? Turn Your Gaming Skills into a Job at Minecraft World!

Are You a Pro Minecrafter? Turn Your Gaming Skills into a Job at Minecraft World!

As some of you have probably heard, I (Maroselis) will be stepping down as the Minecraft World's admin, both on the server and on this website. This means that WonderHowTo is looking for a new admin to take over my position and help keep our community growing!

Minecraft World is slowly, but steadily growing, and we need someone to step up and help new and old users alike learn new things about Minecraft. Not only would you be teaching others the ways of mastering the art of Minecrafting, but you will be learning from others, as well!


  • The paid community leader for Minecraft has already been chosen. Thanks for all that applied. Austin Sirkin (aka Dr_Moustache) will now be the new admin of Minecraft World! But they'll always need help on the server, so go join the action.

If you're unemployed and looking for work, this could be your dream job!

Hiring a Community Manager / Minecraft Server Manager

* This is a paid position *

Overall Responsibilities:

  • Staying active on the Minecraft server, as well as in the Minecraft World
  • Announcing, judging and setting up the weekly contests (Weekly Staff Awards and Weekly Server Challenges)
  • Hosting a Weekly Workshop (tutorial on the server) every Saturday
  • Writing tutorials on how to do all things related to Minecraft gameplay
  • Being active on the Minecraft World's Twitter account
  • Keeping the server advertisements updated

Server Responsibilities:

  • Managing the Minecraft server
  • Updating and managing plugins
  • Permissions
  • Installing new plugins for in-game perks to award to winners of contests
  • Using the plugin "mcbans" to /lookup players before promoting them and allowing them to build on the server (this helps prevent griefers)
  • Rolling back griefings on the server with HawkEye (plugin)

General Requirements:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Must be located in the United States
  • Knowledge of running a Windows OS Minecraft server
  • Community management skills
  • The ability to stay up to date on current Minecraft releases, updates, announcements and news

Knowledge and Familiarization of the Following Plugins:

  • PermissionsEx
  • Essentials
  • HawkEye (anti-griefing tool)
  • mcbans
  • ModifyWorld
  • VoxelSniper
  • WorldEdit
  • WorldGuard
  • SpamGuard
  • VanishNoPacket
  • NoCheat
  • BukkitNyan
  • MobDisguise

Just Want to Help Out the Community? Become a Server Admin!

* Being a server admin is not a paid position *

If you have a some free time and would like to help out as a server admin, let us know! We're looking for a few new admins on our Minecraft server to help out. Knowledge of HawkEye and WorldEdit are a major plus! 

I would prefer that the people who "apply" for the admin position on the server have been actually playing on the server for a while.

Responsibilities of a Server Admin:

  • World editing for users
  • Wandering the map in your spare time looking for griefings
  • Using the /vanish plugin to your advantage when suspicious people join the server
  • Helping set up and judge contests/workshops
  • Encouraging users to post their builds to the World for them to show off their creations
  • Giving all new users a warm welcome
  • Banning people who grief and rolling them back with HawkEye
  • Keeping an eye on the Application thread and looking the players up and promoting them in-game

Applying for Community Leader

To apply for the paid position of community leader, please send your resume and a pitch as to why you would be a great fit for the position. Email to

Applying for Server Admin

To apply for the non-paid position as a server admin on the WonderHowTo Minecraft server, post a comment below with your in-game name. Please also include why you think you would be a good admin, if you have experience with HawkEye and/or WorldEdit/VoxelSniper, and how long you have been playing on the server.

Let's keep this Minecraft Server going!

31 Comments're leaving us....WE WILL MISS YOU!!!

Kendra, your tutorials were awesome. The best I've seen for Minecraft. You will be sadly missed. :(

I feel the same, I may not have known Kendra / Maro for long but she grew on me. She was a great Admin always there for the new comer. I hope the next admin is the same way.

I'v only been playing on wonderhowto for about 4 months but I feel I have risen to the challenge. I have won 1 weekly challenge and gotten second or third in a few others.

I know how to opperate World Edit, mcbans, and Hawkeye.

I think I would be a good admin because I have been playing minecraft for over a year and I build big. I am always nice to new users and in general. I am always happy and happy to help new people.
I have experience because I have run my own server for a while.

My ign is silverbug12.

Bye Maro! We loved having you as head admin and you are so nice! Hope to see you still play on the server.


Ohhh Silver! You are my nomination for "most improved" player on the server. You started off on a great foot, and looking at the creations you and your brother put together now... WOW!! You two are constantly outdoing yourselves.

Silverbug12's & Sproga2's motto for Minecraft:

GO BIG OR GO HOME!!! (Seriously, have you seen some of their builds?)

This is the best job EVER, and I have made so so SO many awesome friends! The community is wonderful, and the people are the friendliest and most creative you'll ever meet!

I know the person to replace me will be just as awesome! ;)

Thanks Justin, you and Bryan are the best bosses in the world! I'll miss you guys terribly <3

And to those thinking about applying:
WonderHowTo is the perfect place to work. Working from home in your pajamas while learning/teaching so many new things daily... who doesn't want that?! The community is wonderful, and your bosses are the coolest guys ever.

I still can't believe that advertising the server brought in so many amazing people. As I mentioned to some people already, I'll be visiting as often as I can! The next month for me is going to be incredibly hectic, but I will definitely be checking in on you guys & gals!

I vote for Silverbug!
I have also seen a ton of his builds, and he is correct when he says that he's always nice to the new builders.
I felt very welcome by him whenever he greets me or my friends.
He is amazing when it comes to building and that motto isn't false in anyway! He builds some of the biggest and best builds I have ever seen. They are creative and unique.
So my vote is for him to be new head Admin!!

Thanks patrick. :D Bye the way it's "she" or "her" and I am just applying for regular admin.

But thanks!

WHOA!!! I did not know that at all! hahaha
Now I know 2 awesome girls who play minecraft!
And you're welcome!

Sad to see you go maro :( Leinad and I will try and hold the fort down until someone comes along. I'd volunteer but I have no idea how to run a windows OS minecraft server.

And mee D: I'm going to try and get in touch with the powers that be to see if we can be placeholders until a new person is found.

Sorry to see you go Maro, you have always been very encouraging.
I would apply, but I have no experience running a server. I wouldn't want to break anything :P

Wow, i hate to see you go Maro, maybe i could try out for the position.

Aw this is sad...
I dont like the idea that you are going, you managed the server perfectly...
So your Skype is arscreo, right?

Noooooooooooo Maro! You can't leave! I simply won't allow it. And I third Silver for admin! Also, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MARO!

I'd also like to be an admin. I've been playing on WHT for a while, not really sure how long, but I've built quite a few things. I may not always build big, in fact I prefer smaller builds, but I feel like most of my builds are pretty good quality. I'm not the best at redstone, but I have some experience, and I feel like it wouldn't be much of a change to start greeting new people and encouraging them to post their builds. I don't have knowledge of HawkEye or WorldEdit, but I"m a fast learner, and I already check the application thread fairly regularly just to see who all's applying. I've been playing minecraft for about 8 months now, and I enjoy helping people. Thanks!

I think you'd be a great admin prospero. But only if you greet everyone in latin and freak them out. ;)

Jokeing. But you'd be great.

salve. quid est nomen tui? nomen mei portalelf est.

I would also like to apply for the position of lead Minecraft World Admin. I'm 18, live and am from the United States, I have a good knowledge of running a Minecraft server, and I always try to be as up to day on everything Minecraft related. My in-game name is Pmaguire, and I have been playing Minecraft since about mid Alpha. I may have only been on the WonderHowTo server for a week, but I won a competition 1 day after joining, and joined 3 others in the same week. I also have been logging on every single day and building different things. I always strive to create unique projects such as my vast collection of every Nyan Cat that I could find from the internet, on one of my worlds. I am definitely a people person. I always try to help out people on the server when I am not building anything. The plugins that I know from the list are the following: Essentials, HawkEye, mcbans, ModifyWorld, VoxelSniper, WorldEdit, WorldGuard, SpamGuard, VanishNoPacket, NoCheat, BukkitNyan, and MobDisguise. The only thing that I'm not proficient in is PermissionsEx, but I am currently working on advancing my knowledge of it.
-Patrick Maguire

I, Wakafaykai123 am applying for the position of a server admin, I think I could really do my best for the server this way. I am 13 and I live in Hawaii. I have been/am a server admin on quite a few servers. I always try my best to get involved in the community in any server I join. When I first joined WonderHowTo I loved the spawn and some creations outside so I applied right away. Within 1 week I won the limited freebuild challenge with my restaurant. It would be a great pleasure of mine to become an admin on the WonderHowTo minecraft server. The plugins I am familiar with on the list above is: McBans, Essentials, MobDisguise, WorldEdit, Hawkeye, NoCheat, WorldGuard, BukkitNyan, VoxelSniper, and I am still learning how to operate PermissionsEx fully.Thank you for reading my application.

I would have loved the ability to apply for Community Leader but I am only a few years under the required age, but that is not going to stop me from applying to a different position. I would like to apply for Minecraft Server Admin. I have been playing Minecraft since about September 10th 2010. Since then I have been a Mod on a few servers, two of which have since shutdown. I am still currently a mod on the server and I currently am Staff on the Minecraft-esk website I am on the Eastern Coast of the United States. My in-game name is Matthew9170, I have been playing on for around three to four weeks. I currently am a Mod on the Wonderhowto World Null-Byte. I am currently learning Java and I plan on learning C++ and Python in the near future. I know how to run a Minecraft server on both Linux and Windows. I know how to use an operate the above listed plugins as well as a multitude of other plugins. A few recommendations I have for this server ( range in things from plugins to how it is run to make it more efficient to fixing bugs in the server and ways to stop them. I have a lot of knowledge on finding bugs as it is extremely important. Please take this application seriously and have a nice day.
-Matthew Herman (Matthew9170)

I applied for the position. I think i would be a great server manager.

I would like to apply for server admin, i even made a mini-app :P.

IGN: _Phantom_ICE_
Age: 13
Position: Server Admin
Time of playing: 1+ Month (Seems to me like 3 months :P)
Why?: Well i would love to be a helpful hand to the never ending, new-comeing players. I will always help them when they need me. Plus i'm fairly active on the server. Along with all that, i will take advantage of the /vanish plugin to moderate the server from rule-breakers and from very disrespectful people. In total, i would fulfill my job as a server admin very much so.
Do you think people will like you?: Honestly, thats for them to say. But in my own opinion i would say yes. I would always be there for there problems.

*Note*: Maro, i will forever miss you on this server, i hope you stay or come and play with us here and there. Don't forget the name i made you. (Forget the creepy part, just remember the name part.)

Forever more,
*The Phantom sha'll sing for thy in despair.*

We recently promoted SaintJamez and Pmaguire to admin.

I can't believe that silver hasn't gotten admin. I think if she did, she would've been great =D

i love this server but i cant seem how to apply

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