Minecraft How-Tos

How To: Make Your Minecart Stations Better Than Ever in Minecraft 1.3

What's nice about Minecraft 1.3 is that it makes minecart stations so simple. Before, you needed redstone and buttons and powered rails in order to make a good minecart station. Now you hardly need anything at all! That said, if you want to be snazzy, all of the minecart stations we covered in this earlier article are still completely functional. You may also want to check out this article on how to make empty minecarts come back to you, if you want some extra bells and whistles.

How To: Show Your Guests Around in Style with Redstone Guide Lights

Builds in Minecraft aren't usually for your own personal enjoyment; most people want to show them off to others. So to some extent, builds need to be user-friendly. That is, they should automatically guide people to areas of interest or importance. One particularly stylish way to do that is by using guide lights. I have two different designs included here, which you can either use or adapt to your own purposes.

Minecraft Monster Slaying: How to Surprise Your Aggressors with a Long Drop and Sudden Stop

No one likes having their home invaded, and sometimes you just don't want to have to wait those precious few seconds for someone or something to drown, suffocate, or burn up. This trap utilizes gravity to destroy anyone who may want to pillage your home, be they monster or player. No drowning or suffocating here... they just go splat at the bottom of a deep hole, and you can instantly forget about them.

How To: Minecraft Tutorial - Instant Repeater

Have you ever wanted to make redstone go as far as the eye can see? Well now you can with a design that I use to make redstone go 100000000 blocks without any delay! I showed this to many of the players on the server, and they all seemed to love it! Come check it out at www.youtube.com/user/SilentCircuitry or watch below.