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So I just found out that we had a whitelist but it wasn't enabled. I have enabled it now. There are already names on there, but if you applied and cant get in, just reply here with your IGN.

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Sorry I can't find the page where I can apply for the white list. So I will add the data here.

ING: LNorbert

Been some time :D The server was always my favorite. Hypixel and Lichcraft are good but I missed the WonderHowTo Server. I even won the pixel-art competition once :D

I checked the server out as much as I could... I will go for the redstone competitions... And maybe the free build... I'm not much of an architect

I saw that it is possible for being rejected from the whitelist due to too many bans. I have none. Just mentioning because I am not sure what I need for the application...

IGN: iatedeadpeople

i love building, i was on the prior WHT Server, won a couple contests, was my favorite, want back in :)

IGN: Xfilez

I was on the first ever WHT Server. The Server were Carlosbear owned ths server. This was my first ever minecraft server I ever joined. The last time i joined was in 2011. So I want to join after 3 years of doing other stuff!

On the first server I build a PvP Arena with Xhoes
And built a Diamond City
Not to mention a password door which was 64x64
So please. I want to expierence the awesome again.
This server is where i became pro

I am the same XD I that was my first server and I learned the basics of survival/redstone/PvP/creative. I first went for architecture but I was bad at it (I am still kinda bad at it or other I know are way good at it) so I learned redstone. Im not sure if we met in game but my past IGN is jimmywang77. I made the Pixel art with the character from Canary from I made the Redstone maze (Big empty room: step in--> turns into maze). And the budswitch daylight sensor. (the one near a big round island which was full of giant mushrooms, and a Giant unfinished ball all of this not too far from the pixel-art I mentioned)

It is good it is starting again. Finally. Good thing I had this website bookmarked.

Ps: sorry for the long text...

IGN: xhoes

I was with the server in 2011 and made the pvp ctf map and really wanted to join again :)

IGN: shmilyface

This is going to take a bit.

I was an old timer on the server, and had been playing on there for about 5 months before it got shut down. The server was really the only thing I went on when I played Minecraft, so I stopped playing the game altogether. After a while, Minecraft became "uncool" and I had to talk bad about it, so that drove me even farther away. It stayed this way for a couple of months, until finally one day (today) I was going through old Youtube videos I used to watch, and I remembered how I found those videos in the first place. So I came back, remembered my login and password (first try!) and came back to it all. Oh how glorious a feeling to see all of the friends I made over the internet, who have probably forgotten me at this point. Oh the memories.... freakje118 and that weird guy not really dating over the internet... my first warp, all to myself (thanks to Dr Moustache).... it vanishing for no reason.... The temple of the gods I built, which was then griefed... And that time that weird guy that freakje118 was not really dating over the internet disguised himself as Notch, and trolled us all. Good times. Good times. It's good to be back!

Aaaaaaaaaaah, those times :D

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