Forum Thread: Site and Forum Rules

Welcome! We are very community oriented here so please feel free to post whatever content you feel inspired to! As long as you follow the rules we all prosper.

Posting Rules:

I consider your posting anywhere on the website or in these forums to mean you have read and understand the rules herein and are subject to them.

  • Posts must be Minecraft related
  • Nothing NSFW/ No Spam.
  • Any content that is deemed offensive will be removed without poster's consent.
  • No reposts.
  • When posting please, if possible, give full credit to whomever is responsible for the content (a link will suffice).
  • Outdated or inactive posts are subject to deletion.
  • All posts are subject to deletion and/or moderation without the consent of said poster.
  • Do not plagiarize. All content added on the cork board or else where needs to be given credit the proper credit. You may, of course, add pictures, Youtube Videos, and the like as long as you supply credit to the original poster. If you want to post an article please post a link to the original with a small description. DO NOT post articles, or other copy protected material in their entirety.
  • Have fun...or else!

Manners: They still apply, even on the internet. 

Please be respectful to each other: flaming, insulting, and other such poppycock are highly discouraged. Please respect the authority or all admins and moderators, we are here to help! We reserve the right to ban or censor anyone who fails to follow such suggestions.

Thank you for coming! Please Have fun and Play Nice.

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