Server Projects: Tram system and more.

As a project for the server I propose that we make a huge underground tram system that connects all the notable areas on the server. Also, feel free to add other suggestions.

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12 Responses

IGN: Silverbug12

Expertise: Indoor Decorating, Designing, Color combination.

TimeZone:  Ummm I don't know  the term for it, I am on the east coast of america.

Hours: It depends, Either 6-8 Am, Or 2-5Pm. Sometimes I do longer. On weekends It's most of the day.

I would love to volunteer my Soon to be hotel in it. WARNING: My hotel is NOT done yet. It will have auto lights, An elevator, Water park including: Wavepool, Kiddie pool, Slide., Beach.

This is a great idea! I'd love to have a HUGE station too... like Grand Central! I've seen projects like this done before, and it really gets the community together to make something great.

Awesome idea Gusse!

If anyone wants to sign up, use this format:

Expertise: (redstone, architecture, planning, etc)
TimeZone/Hours you usually play:

IGN: shadowbalrog
Expertise: redstone, architecture, planning designing and a good friend :)
TimeZone/Hours you usually play: 4:00pm till 7:00pm (British time zone)

I think this is a great idea and id love to add my trojan city and village to this and my medieval castle :D good luck

IGN: maroselis
Expertise: architecture, planning
TimeZone/Hours you usually play: EST, hours vary but I can probably dedicate about 4-5 hours a day helping build and plan!

IGN: Gussefant

Expertise: Redstone

TimeZone/Hours you usually play: CET, varying hours between 14:30 and 22:00 CET

IGN: XxGodlyxX
Expertise: Simple redstone wiring, aesthetics
TimeZone/Hours you usually play: Between 5 PM - 8PM PST, Dedicate an hour

IGN: Leinad0716
Expertise: architecture, planning
TimeZone/Hours you usually play: MST, just whenever I get home from school and finish homework

IGN: TheGeekFather more than likely.
Expertise: Journeyman level Redstone, aesthetics, planning if needed.

(I'd even like to try my hand at helping with a central station. Never done it before but have wanted too. Just never had a reason to do it on a single player server. I could probably come up with a decent pez dispenser, empty cart return, redstone switches for destinations. Cart calling/return, and hiding all these mechanisms. Or hiding most of them.

TimeZone/Hours you usually play:Varies really. Somedays I have hours some none at all. I have kids, work. ect.


Has a site been selected for a main hub yet?

Expertise: Redstone/Architecture

TimeZone/Hours you usually play:PST, whenever im on

The project has started and we need all the builders, diggers, planners and redstone engineers we can get. Before we continue connecting stations we should get all the planners together and plan which stations we should  connect and in what order. Engineers should start planning features and how to execute them.

I have a station for my hotel at these co- ordinates


x:800 (Rough estimate. can't remeber exactly0 it's next to shadow, and doggysniprs town.)


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