Forum Thread: Grief Report Thread

If you experience any griefing or abuse on the server please report it here using the format below:


Explain the incident:

Time of incident:

Possibly suspects (IGNS):

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53 Responses

Ign: shadowbalrog

Explain the incident: griefer plainly griefs skrilex pixel art in front of me. He said or she said ,that she was a griefer. and i took pics of it

Time of incident:09:32 am (british time)

Possibly suspects (IGNS): jibberandjabber

IGN:: Silverbug12

Explain the incident: Doggysniper, Shadowbalrog,Duggan93 and I are making a dragon for this weeks contest. I came on at 8:00 am EST on feb 23 and I whent to check on the dragon and the floor is missing, The door is broken and part of the walls are missing.

Time of incident: Sometime between Evening of Feb 22 - Morning of Feb 23 EST.

I don't have any suspects. 

If you want to see it here are some pics, It is in the challenge3 warp.

(1) Part of the walkway missing. (2) Floor bits missing, (3) There used to be glowstone there!

OK! More info! The roller coaster that comes from the dragon that shadow built is greifed to! All the tracks are missing.

What happened here was... Leinad found out that Duggan93 was griefing and writing mean things on the Challenge walls. So, Leinad rolled Duggan93 back completely. Anything that Duggan placed in your build is gone, because he was completely rolled back.

This could very well be what happened to the Roller Coaster, I'm not sure yet. But I'll check this out in a few :)

IGN: BRICKchiken

Came back on the sever after a while to find the cliff side village (1134x 94y) I was working on had been burned down, and a bunch of lava everywhere.

Not sure when it happened, but I just found it today December 15. Could have been anytime last week. :L

Hope this helps.


Me and xhoeses Arena Was Grifed With A Huge Dirt Block and possibly with a mc edit or


I dont know But Last Week I came Back From My Holiday To see A Huge Dirt Block.

I Cant List The IGNS But I Thing it might of been an op

Hope You Can Find The Griefer

Yeah, ill fix it later, Just got to wait for Jon To come on and restart the server. then ill fix it like 20 minutes  ps it was voxel it was a cylinder and someone did similar with a 500 sphere glass

Ign: Gussefant

Explain the incident: When I walked out of my house I saw that someone had flooded our bar.

Time of incident: 15:36 CET

Possibly suspects (IGNS): I am not sure, but when i noticed this, I, a guest and dirzzt were online.

Edit: The bar has been fixed by me and Shmy12

listen sorry ignore my ovr post . Person said he was griefer but is not grefing at the moment sorry :(

Ign: shadowbalrog

Explain the incident: My castle has been griefed :( it is 100x100 block and people have broken village houses and cluttered evrywhere with blue lapiz :(

Time of incident: i saw this at 10:40

Possibly suspects (IGNS): i really dont know but blue lapiz is normally used by dirzzt and this must have been grief a few days ago

Ign: shadowbalrog

Explain the incident: I started a town with doggysniper12 5 days ago, it has been giefed in several places and i am currently trying to repair it plz help find this scoundrel. 

Time of incident: found it like this at 16:20pm

Possibly suspects (IGNS): Idk

I took care of this, you should be good now. I found the griefer and rolled back everything he broke/griefed.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

Our roller coaster has been DEMOLISHED! someone built a building where the rollercoaster leads and destroyed the coaster. They blocked the whole it goes down.

The building is by BRICKchicken. I don't know if he meant to do that or if he kew he was destroying someones build. 

Ok in reply to my other posts. Maybe Brickchicken ha someone make that for him and we accidentally built in it without knowing it was his. 

I would like to explain the rollercoaster incident.

I had the entire cavern made by asking an admin. That is where my build is located. I started it before you built the roller coaster.You guys built your roller coaster into my area, so I destroyed it.

I log on today to find you did it again, and this time you guys put ap a bunch of signs calling me a griefer and destroyed some of my work. Stop please. It's just making things harder for everyone. Just build your coaster somewhere else.

IGN: Prospero13

I logged in a few days ago and at first glance my house seemed mostly normal, but it turns out some of the doors had been replaced by bookcases (a minor inconvenience) but then inside the house someone had messed up one of my piston doors, so they didn't work and the blocks were missing. This may seem trivial, but I wasn't the one that built the doors (Blacky did it for me) and I have absolutely NO IDEA how to fix them.

I'm not really sure when this happened, but it was sometime between last Thursday and the following Monday.

Ign: Yownas

Explain the incident: Someone has been putting up redstone torches at my game at /warp games. Not a big deal, I can probably fix it, but it would still be nice to find out who did it.

Time of incident: Sometime during thursday or friday?

Possibly suspects (IGNS): No idea. But if it is logged who put up the torches  on the wall you might see who it was.

Next time I am on, show me the points where it was griefed so i can find out who it was. I walked around underground looking for anything, so you will need to take me to the spots.

Ign: Yownas

Explain the incident:

x:-3300 z:4090 (Near /warp trap) Water everywhere.

Time of incident: Don't know.

Possibly suspects (IGNS): Don't know.

I will look into this as soon as I can. When did you discovery this to happen?

I got it all. I just couldn't fix any of the redstone or anything that was destroyed in the process. I banned the guy that did this, and it sucks too because he went over into multiple places and griefed them. Thank you for letting me know of this.

Ign: Yownas

Explain the incident: Benfurusho was bored and thought it was fun to destroy things while Wakafanykay123 and I was testing some redstone things. Spammed spiderwebs, messed with redstone-machines and made a hole in the QR-code. (Edit: Add setting fire to, destroying and placing torches on my house aswell.)

Time of incident: Minutes ago.

Possibly suspects (IGNS): Benfurusho

Yow, he has already been banned he griefed my redstone contraption. I will post this link to the admin.

Good Evening, Signed on at roughly 10:45 est

Location: N 351 Degrees

I discovered that my entire "project" had been brick destroyed and water grief'd, sadly my neighbors had also all been water grief'd and brick destroyed in the most extreme sense of the word. I do not have hawkeye privileges and thus I am unable to discern who has done this. Hope you can help , Thank you.


Hey! I have a few more screenshots of the incident. I'm am with Joe right now, and this is what we have found. 


Incident: water grief and breaking of blocks

Suspected greif: cptminecraft2

Other photo's as proof. Please fix ASAP.

Taking care of it right now, folks. It would be helpful in the future if you could give exact XYZ coordinates. =)

Hey there nicholas! Me and Dr. Mushy(Dr. Moustache) are currently tryign to figure out who did it.

Alright, well, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that I tracked down most of the griefers and rolled them back and banned them.

The bad news is that the rollback just didn't fix a lot of the problems. =(

So now we have water all over things, but according to Hawkeye, it shouldn't exist. I did some searching on the internet to see if anyone else has experienced this specific problem, but no one has. There are records of a number of different ways in which Hawkeye has failed, though. So I think we're just stuck with it. I can use WorldEdit to remove the water, but it's hard for me to tell what should and shouldn't have water on it, since I don't know what this area looked like before the griefing.

So if you could catch me while I'm on the server, I'll be happy to teleport to you and remove water from wherever you'd like.

Thank you, and I apologize for the problem! =)

Almost all the water was fixed, though you made many dry lakes, please fix...

IGN: Prospero13

Explain the incident: Logged on a couple minutes ago today (5/27) to find that someone had put water all over my house and surrounding builds, destroying much of my redstone, as well as some of sproga2's and Blackynine07's. Note that a lot of this is really complicated and would take a while to fix. They also appear to have destroyed some of my glowstone tower. This is trivial, but I thought it would be worth noting. As I fly around the area, it appears that this water damage is present all across /warp freebuild_village.

Time of incident: Sometime between Saturday morning and today

Possible suspects (IGNs): Absolutely no idea.

By the way, the house is at X: 578 and Y: 69. Don't know if Z matters, but it's 4081.

I just noticed similar reports of water griefing. Do you think someone has a clientside hack that lets them place water in massive quantities and/or subvert hawkeye, or are they just really diligent and hawkeye screwed up?

Sigh. Well, I rolled back MOST of the damage, and fixed the rest of the water as best as I could. Since I don't really know what it looked like before, I could only guess at whether I got everything.

However, since Hawkeye seems to be glitching with water, some of the redstone damage is just unrepairable. =(

Check it out, though, and let me know if I can help fix it in any way.

Have you tried updating the water? It might be gone but not updated to show it. Just place a block in it. 


No, the water is definitely still there, and placing blocks in it didn't help at all. =(

I was trying to enchant a sword so i built an xp machine to get me to lvl 50 to get a good sword and i got disconnected so i couldn't get back on to collect the rest of the xp and now im banned.  So sorry for causing any inconvenience and i hope i could get unbanned and back on the server.  I never meant to lag the server as i am a regular and really enjoy playing on this server.  

Alistair, what's your IGN? That's not a banning offense, usually we just give warnings for things like that. So tell me your game name, and I'll look into it.

Ign: Prospero13

Explain the incident: Logged on today to find extensive water griefing at the old spawn Andrewed built: was wondering if it would remain protected, so I checked and found the grief. It's really a lot of water. Check the screenshots.

Time of incident: Between 6/18 and 6/21

Possibly suspects (IGNS): Hate to say it, but Wakafanykai123

Misc: Not really sure how to upload pictures to a forum, so the screenshots are here:

Thanks, Prospero. It wasn't Waka, it was Team TJB, or something like that. They're banned now, and it took me over half an hour to fix all their griefing. =(

Oh wow. Sounds annoying. Glad it wasn't Waka, though. I was pretty sure he wouldn't do that. Thanks. Love that build...

Why did you suspect me O.o? :(

I didn't really, I just thought since you were also wondering if the spawn would remain protected, it might be worth a mention.

Ign: Wakafanykai123

Explain the incident: Water grief, broken wool, broken stonebrick

Time of incident: 4:47 PM HST

Possibly suspects (IGNS): Idk, was just wandering around Akhu_Auka's Village.

Ermm its at X 2464 Z -196

Ign: parin89

Explain the incident: 6 blocks of sandstone were broken from the wall of my fortress ( X= -1572, Y= 98, Z= 1575)

Time of incident: sometime in the last month.

Possibly suspects (IGNS): i dont know who did it.

Ign: Wakafanykai123

Explain the incident: Challenge 3 Griefed up a storm
X 187 Z 4844

Time of incident: Right before the Summer Olympics started in the Pacific timezone XD

Possibly suspects (IGNS): Some horrible griefer thats werid and mentally insane

Ign: Yownas

Explain the incident: Blocks and some redstone destroyed at /warp rockpaper

Time of incident: Do not know.

Possibly suspects (IGNS): None.

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