Ancient City: Server Group Build

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I'd like to start working on a community build for server, something that can be added onto as time goes by. A big midevil city sound like a good place to start. I'd like to even add PvP or RP when it's complete. 

I will designate a place for it on the server and set a warp. 

When it is up feel free to add buildings, homes, battlements etc as you go! 

Some rules: No griefing and stay within the theme. 

What theme should we go with? Should be do RP? Any plugins you'd like to see used?

If you are interested in contributing please leave a message below with ideas and your IGN will be added. 

If your ign isn't here then you won't be able to place blocks in the Kingdom Area. 

When you log on type /warp kingdom to go there!

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23 Responses


im looking forewords to this! whats the ip again?

So we can build our home within the area thats related to the theme? If so, I'm in!

IGN: XxGodlyxX

Not sure how this works but my username on minecraft is MeAndMyDaemons?

IGN= nuttykumquat78

Thanks you oh great ones!

i haven't been added to the whitelist? 

ill try again... IGN: BILF1231

Ok, I'll add you to both. 

you've all been added the IP is

To access the city type /warp kingdom in game

IGN: Dracoxe 

maybe some more natural elements, like a forest on the outskirts of the city, things like that. Plus a sewer system underneath a castle, w/ a castletown market seperate from a town district? or that too much? 

Friend wants to join and help me build my part... 

IGN: Jerew125

Soooo,  how can i help and how can i get to it?

Just log on if you haven't and try typing "/warp kingdom" in game and you can start building where others have left off!

  • i want to help ut the server and try my best it TeddyBearKillerS on minecraft

Pretty old topic, but if it's still going on, I'd love to take part!

IGN: Zikolai

This looks very cool i hope to see if i could get on it. I love medieval age stuff. Hope to get on and help

This looks pretty amazing, IGN:Samstercb

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